Average Google AdSense Revenue Estimate

To tell you the truth, the Average Google AdSense Revenue is different for each webmaster. I made about $300 a month in 2005 and $14,000 a month in 2011. Your Google AdSense Revenue depends on how much traffic you get from your sites. It depends how much time you put in your web sites and blogs. So, on average, people earn between $0.01 and $10,000 a day. That’s right. Some webmasters make up to $10,000 a day. To earn Average Google AdSense money, it takes research, patients, hard work. The tip and advice I always recommend you is that you should write the original fresh content on your web sites and blogs.

There are some webmasters who are using pay per clicks (PPC) programs to get more visitors on their sites. This result in more traffic and certainly, their Google AdSense revenue increases. The more traffic is the more income you earn from Google. You learn from your own experience. Reading other posts will help you improve your knowledge, of course. With original and fresh content posted on your sites, and the use of low ppc, you will see the Google AdSense revenue estimate increases someday.

So, the average Google AdSense income depends on how much traffic you get. Each person has different theory on how to get traffic from their websites or blogs. Some of theories I have been using are:

  1. Create fresh original content to update your sites and blogs. Submit these new pages to social bookmarking sites.
  2. Create weekly articles and post them to article directories to get back links. 
  3. Use low PPC for keywords and earn high PPC (use smart keywords).

Again, it is hard to tell about the Google AdSense Revenue Estimate. Every person earns different income. Good luck!

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