Use Adwords To Increase AdSense Revenue

Maybe one of the best ways to make money from Google is to Use Adwords To Increase AdSense Revenue. Thousands of webmasters are successful by using this method. You can use Adwords to make money online at ease. You pay low for Adwords and get high on Google AdSense clicks. Does it sound great?

You can read more on Google Adwords here,, to learn more about it.

The way that webmasters make money out of this program is to pay for low advertisements from Adwords (like $0.06 cost per click CPC) and earn $0.30 per click from Google AdSense. Of course, this method works great if you have content on your website. Don’t think about creating only one page and promote through this method, that won’t work.

  1. Use high Click Through Rate (CTR). It is hard but it is not impossible to do so. So, you must choose the best keywords to advertise on Google Adwords. For example, you are paying 6 cents for each click from Adwords, you may get 10 visitors every hour. Out of these 10 visitors, if 4 of them click your AdSense ads, then the payout of these 4 clicks are more than 60 cents you spent on Adwords. Earning per click (EPC) is about 20 cents to $1 per click. And, if 2 of these people come back to your website and click these AdSense ads, you will earn even more without spending a cent on Adwords. After a time, you will figure out what you need to pay per click on Adwords. It is recommended that you spend a small cost per click at the beginning.
  2. Target your website with high paying keywords through internal and external optimization. In this case, the Google AdSense ads will display the high paying keywords per click. This include the content of your website, meta tags, title text, and links on your site. Remember one thing, content is king so make sure your website has good rich content.
  3. Follow the policy. You should read about terms of use on Google Adwords and AdSense. Google does not allow webmasters to encourage visitors to click on these ads. So, please don’t try to cheat on it, you will be banned from their network.

Anyway, these tips may help you to understand how to make money from AdSense through Adwords. I hope you can increase your AdSense revenue through Google Adwords. In other words, you can Use Adwords to make money. Don’t forget to give comment below.

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