How do I make $94 online money in one day from Adsense

$94 a day by Working Online for Google from Adsense publisher’s program made me happy. I am so happy when I saw this amount of money on my Google Adsense account on February 19, 2008.

It is really amazing that I made $94 online money in 24 hours from Adsense publisher’s program. I am so happy when I saw this amount of money on my Google Adsense account on February 19, 2008. I could not believe my eyes that I saw this number. All of my hard word on my websites worth the money I got. I am going to share my secret of how I did on my websites and blogs.

I think there is no secret of making online money, except time and hard work. This is what I think and how I make $94 in one day from Adsense. Other people may think differently about how they make money, but that’s what I did. If someone charge you a fee to know the secrets of making money online, they will show you what they learn and their own experience. They are the same as us, the only difference from them and us is they spend time and hard work reading blogs, forums, SEO, and other tips of making money online. So, they know how to get traffic and traffic becomes money. Therefore, I am going to show you some free money making tips and I hope you can do and make the same or even more than what I am.

OK! Here are some free tips of making online money:

  1. Submit your websites or blogs to free web directories.
  2. Submit your websites or blogs RSS feed to Yahoo site feed. (Click on, Login, click on My Yahoo, you will see the url like, click on either Add Content, Add page, or Add RSS feed, sometimes Yahoo change the texts or names.
  3. Create videos from, place your website links on the very first of every description so that viewers can click on your site when viewing your videos. Try to make a few videos a day, upload them, add friends, comments to other people at least a month.
  4. Join the Yahoo Answers to get targetted traffic.  The first thing is you have to join Yahoo for an account, then click on Answers in the top of the sidebar, create an avatar, then start posting your valuable answers to questions. Do not place your website url in every answer, you can place one url at the 4th or 5th answer (to be safe, not to get banned from Yahoo).

That’s all I do.  I do not do any Google adword or other PPC programs because I am not good at math.

So, I am writing this article to share with you that I can Work Online For Google and make money.

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