How to Make Online Money without any Investment

I started out my home-based business when I was in college. I do not have money to invest on my business. I was also afraid to loan money from the bank because I had student loan already. So, I decided to make online money without investment, but by hard work. I think I am successful in marketing my business without any invested money. I am going to show you how to make online money without any investment. Just by my hard work, I got paid off by it. I never have used any money to pay for web designers, SEO specialist, and others. I just pay for my domain about $10 for each domain and $20 per month for the host.I have not hired any web designers or SEO specialists. I have learned by myself. By the time I was in college, I spent about 4 hours each day to create my own websites. I have not had much time because I had to study for my degree. So, I used my time properly and exactly. I created two websites, one is about male enhancement products and the other one is dating related. I signed up with Leading Edge Cash affiliate program for my male enhancement product website. The dating related website I signed up with Google AdSense. I created some content for both sites and put some ads on them.

How to make online money? I submitted my two sites to some big directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo, and AOL. I also sent my links to some friends. I checked my earnings at the end of one month. You know how much I have earned? Can you guest? $1.28 for AdSense and $0.00 from Leading Edge Cash are all I got from the first month. I tried to work harder by submitting to more directories, forums, blogs, social bookmarking sites. In fact, I have submitted about 10 directories, 10 forums, 10 blogs, 10 social bookmarking sites every day for my two sites. At the end of the second month, my AdSense earnings is about $3.00 and still $0.00 from Leading Edge Cash program.

I had final exams from four classes so I had to spend time for them. I have forgotten about my two websites. I don’t remember anything about them. One is because I was disappointed with the earnings and second is I was busy with my final exams. I have checked my earnings since then. On one Saturday after having finished all final exams, I checked my email and saw one message from Leading Edge Cash. I logged in the site immediately and saw $255.00 on the top of the screen. I was so happy to see this number. In detailed statistics, I saw two orders from customers. I also logged in Google AdSense right after that, I had about $150.00 earnings. 

This was the first three months. My two sites do not have much traffic. So, I will show you how to make online money by working from home. You do not need any investment for make money on net. You should know some basics about web design such as how to create a simple website. You can earn money online from home easy and free without any investment.

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