15 SEO Tips, Tricks & Techniques To Help Site Indexed

These below SEO Tips will help your website get indexed on Google. Following these seo guides will help Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines to index and rank your web site easier. If your web site does not follow these guidelines, then it is time to implement any of these tips. You should know that major search engines index and rank your website based how your design look and content in it. Having an attractive web design may be a good tip but its content is even more important.

  1. The first step is to submit your website to major search engines:
    1. http://www.google.com/addurl.html
    2. http://dir.yahoo.com/
    3. http://www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx
  2. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google and Yahoo Sitemap. This will help for Search Engines to structure your site. An online site map also helps to point to the important parts of your website.
  3. Every web page should have at least one static link to other page.
  4. Your website should not have too many links on each given page (less than 100 links).
  5. Each web page should have at least a few keywords in bold.
  6. Don’t use too much images, using text is better to display your website content.
  7. Your title, description, meta tags should be descriptive and accurate.
  8. Search engines don’t like broken links so your website should not have any.
  9. If your website is about selling products and have dynamic pages, you should use mod re-write to shorten these urls.
  10. Submit your website to social bookmarking sites.
  11. Submit your site to Ezine and other article directories.
  12. Reciprocal link exchange also help on SEO.
  13. Participate in blog and forum discussions.
  14. Content is king.
  15. Be patient.

These are SEO Techniques that will help you web site indexed faster on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines. Can you please add more?

Your input is appreciated.

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